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The Langham Baronets


This family is descended from

WILLIAM, son of Henry de Langham, who held land in Langham, Rutland, during the reign of EDWARD I.

The fourteenth in lineal descent from him was

ALDERMAN SIR JOHN LANGHAM (1584-1671), Knight, sheriff of London in 1642, who was created a baronet in 1660 as a recompense for his sufferings in the royal cause (having been twice committed to the Tower, with the Lord Mayor and other aldermen, for refusing to publish an act for the abolition of royalty).

Sir John, who acquired a large fortune as a turkey merchant, represented the City of London in parliament in 1654, and the borough of Southwark in 1660.

He married Mary, daughter of James Bunce, and was succeeded at his decease by his eldest son,

SIR JAMES LANGHAM (1621-99), 2nd Baronet, who married thrice, but left one daughter only by his first wife Mary, daughter and co-heir of Sir Edward Alston, Knight; namely Mary, wedded to Henry, Earl of Warrington.

Following his decease the title devolved upon his brother,

SIR WILLIAM LANGHAM (c1625-1700), 3rd Baronet, of Walgrave, Sheriff of Northampton in 1672, and MP for Northampton.

This gentleman married thrice, but had issue by his third marriage only (with Martha, daughter of Herbert Hay), a son, his successor,

SIR JOHN LANGHAM (c1670-1747), 4th Baronet, who espoused firstly, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Samwell Bt, of Upton, Northamptonshire, and had, with other children,
JOHN, successive baronets;
William, father of JAMES, 7th Baronet.
Sir John married secondly, Maria, eldest daughter of Sir Richard Temple KB, and widow of the Rev Dr West, and had several children.

He was succeeded by his eldest son,

SIR JAMES LANGHAM (c1696-1749), 5th Baronet; who, dying without issue, the title devolved upon his brother,

SIR JOHN LANGHAM (c1698-1766), 6th Baronet, who transmitted his memory to posterity, by placing £6,000 in new South-Sea annuities, in the hands of the Corporation of London, for the puropse of founding a society for the relief of distressed soldiers and sailors, and their families.

Sir John died without issue, when the title devolved upon (the son of his deceased brother, William) his nephew,

The heir apparent is the present holder's son, Tyrone Denis James Langham (born 1994).

SIR CHARLES LANGHAM, 13th Baronet, sold the ancestral seat, Cottesbrooke Park, in 1911.

He had married Ethel Tennent in 1893 and they came to live at Tempo Manor, County Fermanagh, which his wife had inherited.

Former seats ~ Cottesbrooke Hall, Northamptonshire; Glyndebourne, East Sussex; Southend, Essex.

Former town residence ~ Langham House, Portland Place, London.

First published in April, 2014.

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Demetrius said...

In the period of the 12th Baronet, in 1877, The Empress Elizabeth of Austria rented Cottesbrooke Hall as a base for her fox hunting outings, probably with Bay Middleton. The local hunt was a leading one. Also, in that area was the Elstow Hunt, funded by the Whitbread family and in that period with Arthur Turner Macan, one of the Macan's of Macan of Carriff, Co. Armagh as Master, also a leading huntsman of the period.