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Tullylagan Manor


SIR JAMES GRIER (ca 1604-66), Knight, of Capenoch, Dumfriesshire, and Rock Hall, Alnwick, Northumberland, fifth son of Sir William Grier, succeeded his brother, John, in Capenoch.

This gentleman married Mary, daughter of the Rev John Browne, of Glencairn, first minister after the Reformation, and widow of Thomas Grier, of Bargarg Tower, Dumfriesshire.

His eldest son, 

HENRY GRIER, (c1625-c1675), of Rock Hall, and afterwards of Redford, near Grange, County Tyrone, came to Ulster in 1653.

Mr Greer joined the Society of Friends (Quakers) ca 1660.

He married, in 1652, Mary Turner, of Northumberland, and had issue, his eldest son,

JAMES GREER (1653-1718), of Liscorran, County Armagh, who wedded, in 1678, Eleanor, daughter and co-heir of John Rea, of Liscorran, and had issue,
Henry, ancestor of the GREERS of Grange, Co Tyrone;
JOHN, ancestor of the GREERS of Tullylagan and Seapark, of whom we treat;
James, of Liscorran;
The second son,

JOHN GREER (1688-1741), of Grace Hill, County Armagh, and of Tullyanaghan, near Lurgan, espoused, in 1717, Mary, daughter of Jeramiah Hanks, of Birr, and widow of John Chambers, of Dublin.

He died in 1741, having had several children, of whom the second son,

THOMAS GREER (1724-1803), of Rhone Hill, Dungannon, County Tyrone, became, on the extinction of the male line of his elder brother John, the head of the second house of Ulster Greers.

He married, in 1746, Sarah, daughter of Thomas Greer, of Redford, his second cousin, and died at Rhone Hill, leaving issue,
THOMAS, his heir;
Robert (1766-1808), died unmarried in USA;
Eleanor; Mary; Jane; Sarah; Ann.
The elder son,

THOMAS GREER (1761-1870), of Rhone Hill, wedded, in 1787, Elizabeth, only child of William Jackson.
William Jackson was descended from Richard Jackson, of Killingwold Grove, near Beverley, Yorkshire. To this family General Andrew Jackson, President of the United States of America, and "Stonewall" Jackson, the celebrated Confederate general, belonged.
Thomas Greer left issue,
Thomas, of Tullylagan;
William Jackson, of Rhone Hill, father of
John Robert;
Alfred, of Dripsey House, Co Cork;
Sarah; Mary Jackson; Elizabeth; Caroline; Louisa Jane; Priscilla Sophia.
The eldest son,

THOMAS GREER JP (1791-1870), of Tullylagan, married, in 1826, Wilhelmina, daughter of Arthur Ussher JP, of Camphire, County Waterford, by ehom he left issue,
FREDERICK, of Tullylagan;Usher;Martha Ussher; Elizabeth Jackson; Wilhelmina Sophia Priscilla.
The eldest son,

FREDERICK GREER JP (1829-1908), of Tullylagan, late Royal Navy, wedded, in 1874,  Cecilia, eldest daughter of Sir Nathaniel Alexander Staples Bt, of Lissan, County Tyrone, by Elizabeth Lindsay his wife, only child of James Head and Cecilia his wife, third daughter of the Hon Robert Lindsay, of Balcarres.

Mr Greer had issue by his wife,
THOMAS, of Tullylagan;
Nathaniel Alexander Staples;
Elizabeth Lindsay; Mary Ussher.
The eldest son,

THOMAS GREER JP (1875-1949), of Tullylagan, espoused, in 1907, Constance Clara Annie, daughter of Edward Cochrane Palmer, of Beckfield House, Queen's County, and had issue,

FREDERICK WILLIAM USSHER GREER, of Tullylagan, born in 1915, who died unmarried.

TULLYLAGAN MANOR, (formerly New Hamburgh), near Cookstown, County Tyrone, was built ca 1830.

It consists of two storeys over a basement, which was subsequently excavated to become a ground floor.

The house has a three-bay front; a two-bay projecting porch; an eaved roof on bracket cornice.

There is a side wing, originally one storey over a basement.

Frederick Greer inherited Tullylagan following the decease of his father, Thomas, in 1870, though he leased the estate to his cousin, Thomas MacGregor Greer ca 1898.

Thomas MacGregor Greer, the only son of Thomas Greer, MP for Carrickfergus, was responsible for much of the development of the estate thereafter.

MacGregor Greer was a talented man who had many diverse interests.

He considered the Manor House inadequately proportioned for a country residence, so rather than risk spoiling the architecture by adding to the house, he decided to excavate the basement.

This was a substantial task at the time, depending heavily on manual labour, with the soil removed from the basement, the house became three-storey.

The following obituary appears in The Times newspaper:
Mr Thomas MacGregor Greer, who died at Bournemouth on Sunday at the age of 75, was a well-known figure in the North of Ireland, a member of the Senate, and a Deputy-Lieutenant for Co. Antrim. He was born in Dublin on January 31, 1853. His father, Samuel McCurdy Greer, was a prominent member of the Irish Bar, at one time M.P. for Co. Derry. and Recorder of Londonderry, and later County Court Judge for Leitrim and Roscommon.

His mother was a daughter of James McCrone,. Crown Agent for the Isle of Man. He was educated at Coleraine and Trinity College, Dublin, where he took a distinguished degree. He was admitted a solicitor in 1875 and, with offices at Ballymoney, built up a large practice in the North of Ireland, from which he retired seven years ago.

He was formerly a delegate for Ulster to the Incorporated Law Society of Ireland, Convenor of Tenures and Trusts Committee of the General Assembly of the Irish Presbyterian Church, and for over 20 years solicitor to the Antrim County Council. On the formation of the Northern Irish Parliament he was elected a member of the Senate, and was one of the members of that body chosen to represent Northern Ireland in the abortive Council of Ireland provided for in the Government of Ireland Act.

He married in 1880, Margaret, daughter of the late Sir Charles Reed, M.P., first chairman of the London School Board. She survives him. His only son Lieutenant Kenneth Greer, Irish Guards, was killed on the Somme in 1916; his only surviving daughter is the wife of Sir Ernest Gowers.
The grounds of the estate received similar attention with many rare & exotic trees and shrubs being planted. Greer was able to identify each plant by its common and Latin name.
In the farmyard he installed carpentry facilities and here many fine examples of chairs, tables and other items were produced.

Thomas MacGregor Greer remained in Tullylagan until his death in 1941.

The house is now privately owned.

Other former residence ~ Curglasson, Stewartstown, County Tyrone.

First published in January, 2012.


John Foley said...

Mary [Hunks in Burkes L.G.] Hanks daughter of Jeremiah Hanks of Birr married as her first Husband, John Chalmers [Chambers in Ireland] of Inverury, Aberdeenshire, lived with Robert Barclay, the Apologist, employed as schoolmaster to the Barclay children [Diary of Jaffray, 'afterwards an acceptable minister in Dublin'] John was a son of William and Jean (Forbes) Chalmers,[Will of John Chambers]John, with his wife Mary, had issue of two sons and two daughters,Patience, married Joseph Christie, her daughter Mary married Nathaniel Horne and removed to Scotland.[p 60 Christies of Scotland] On John death aged 40, Mary married at Dublin M.H., John Greer, and removed, with her children to Waringstown.

John Foley said...

Should read Archibald Horne not Nathaniel.

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I believe that the obituary referring to Thomas Macgregor Greer is incorrect an refers to a completely different Thomas Macgrergor Greer