Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Florence Court Parterre


I possess a beautiful little book, written by Nancy, Countess of Enniskillen, in 1972.

My mother bought me it as a gift while we were staying at Castle Archdale in 1979.

This book is entitled Florence Court, My Irish Home.

On page forty-five, Lady Enniskillen describes how the dining-room and drawing-room looked through their western windows to a terrace planted by her husband David, 6th Earl, with flowering cherry trees around an old parterre.

This terrace was known as The Lawn.

It was - and remains - about seven feet above the back drive and about the same distance above the house.

The Stick Yard and houses were to one side of The Lawn; the stable-yard to the other.

Do any readers have a photograph of the old parterre? Wouldn't it be wonderful if it could be restored?


Anonymous said...

I remember the Crescent Lawn with its parterre well. It actually dated from Victorian times with Cherry trees later planted at the sides by David Enniskillen to replace original large Chestnut trees. These Cherry trees are also now removed. The Parterre was removed due by the National Trust for maintenance reasons and the argument that it blocked the view out across the park which of course it didn't as the lawn is much lower than the windows of the Drawing and Dining rooms. The only photograph I know of is already on your site. Look at Tuesday 10th August 2010 entitled Florence Court Outing - it shows the Belfast Telegraph front page of an aerial view of Florence Court at the time of the fire with the Parterre clearly visible.

Timothy Belmont said...

How wonderful. I'd completely forgotten about the newspaper photograph and my article of 2010.

Very many thanks - I'll see if I can edit it and enhance the parterre.