Sunday, 26 April 2015

Bombay Masala Restaurant

I spent another wonderful day on the beach, at El Cotillo, today. I've seen it busier, though. No matter.

I lunched on a mere apple, satsuma, and banana.

This light repast was more than compensated for by my meal this evening at Bombay Masala restaurant, Music Square, Corralejo.

I've been a customer here for several years and they know me now.

I'm always greeted cordially.

I took my usual table and ordered a beverage while I perused the menu.

Bombay Masala is an unpretentious, modest little place. The ambiance is quiet and simple.

There is background music, though one eats here for the good grub and charming staff.

Tonight I had the lamb Korma with onion pilau rice, accompanied by pescwari naan bread.

The lamb, unsurprisingly, melted in the mouth: it was lean and tender.

Everything was delicious indeed.

They brought me the complimentary liqueur with the bill, a reasonable €20.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Soul Barcafé

I was looking forward to a table at the bijou Soul Barcafé, Music Square, Corralejo, this evening. I fancied one of their 50 brands of gin.

Accordingly, I arrived after eight and a pretty young woman welcomed me with a menu and seat directly in view of the platform where a couple of singers were entertaining everybody.

I fancied a Tanqueray Ten, with the Nordic Blue tonic-water.

Cognizant that they are in the habit of bringing the G&T fully poured, without the option ~ personally I prefer to pour my own amount of tonic into the gin ~ I expressly told the waitress that I'd pour it myself.

She didn't seem to understand, though left me.

She returned a few minutes later with the usual drink and 100% of the tonic poured in.

I pointed this out. She left again. The barman appeared and apologised that the waitress had not understood (!).

My order duly arrived, though  the barman had given my original drink to the couple behind me, free!

I overheard this, turned round, laughed, and remarked that they'd got a good deal.

The sting in the tail was the length of time it took for them to bring me the bill.

I got the impression that my complaint, if that was what it was, caused resentment.

Resentment, despite the fact that they were clearly at fault.

I eventually had to ask for my change.

I had intended to leave a tip despite everything, though lifted the coins and put them back in my pocket.

I may or may not be back.

Shaen House

Of the early period of the Kemeys family the accounts are somewhat confused, but it is generally agreed that their origin was Norman. They rose to prominence at the period of the conquest of Gwent and Glamorgan. The original form of the name is uncertain, though it is said to be Camois or Camys, identical with Camois in the Roll of Battle Abbey.
They were known as "Kemeys of Began" as early as the 13th century. The Irish branch claims descent from the ancient family of Kemeys of Newport, Monmouthshire, which family bore as their arms vert on a chevron argent, three pheons sable.
THOMAS KEMMIS (1710-74), of Shaen Castle, Killeen, Straboe, Rossnaclough, and Clonin, Queen's County, wedded Susan, daughter of John Long, of Derrynaseera, and by her left issue,
JOHN, of Shaen;
James, major-general;
THOMAS, of whom we treat;
William Edward;
The third son,

THOMAS KEMMIS JP (1753-1823), of Shaen Castle, crown and treasury solicitor for Ireland, patron of Rosenallis, married, in 1773, Anne, daughter of Henry White, of Dublin, and by her left issue,
THOMAS, his heir;
Anne; Mary; Elizabeth.
The eldest son, 

THE REV THOMAS KEMMIS (1774-1827), of Shaen Castle, and Brockley Park, Queen's County, Patron of Rosenallis, married Mary, daughter and heir of Arthur Riley, of Airfield, County Dublin, by whom he left issue,
THOMAS, his heir;
The eldest son, 

THOMAS KEMMIS JP, (1798-1844), of Shaen Castle and Straboe, Patron of Rosenallis, High Sheriff, 1832, married, in 1834, Mary Henrietta, eldest daughter of the Rev Robert Blackwood Jelly, of Portarlington, and by her had issue,
THOMAS, his heir;
Mr Kemmis was succeeded by his eldest son,

THOMAS KEMMIS JP DL (1837-1906), of Shaen, High Sheriff, 1860, who married, in 1858, Victoria Alexandrina, eldest daughter of Hans H Hamilton QC, of 26 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin, and had issue,
THOMAS HENRY, his heir;
Augusta Mary; Helen.
His only son,

THOMAS HENRY KEMMIS JP DL, of Shaen, captain, Royal Fusiliers, born in 1860, wedded, in 1904, Mary Caroline, eldest daughter of Charles Stewart Trench, of Clay Hill, Virginia, USA, and had issue,
Victoria Mary, b 1908;
Elizabeth Gertrude, b 1911.

SHAEN HOUSE, near Port Laoise, formerly Maryborough, County Laois, is a house of late Georgian appearance.

It comprises two storeys over a basement.

The entrance front has two three-sided bows; pedimented one-bay projection in the centre; Greek Ionic porch with acroterion.

There is a notable castellated gateway at the demesne's main entrance.

Shaen House is now a hospital.

First published in April, 2013.

Friday, 24 April 2015

The Ugly Duckling

Today was fine and sunny, it transpired. After breakfast, I walked quite briskly across the town of Corralejo to a sort of shopping centre, where the Zara store is located.

Many, if not most, of the shops open at ten o'clock.

I have developed a liking for the café condensado here, a rich concoction of the cocoa bean and sweet condensed milk.

During the afternoon, I settled at a small open-air bar called Bar Soul, in Music Square, where I encountered a couple of most agreeable Irish ladies. 

We chin-wagged for three hours, by Jove. I owe them a snifter.

THIS EVENING, I dined at The Ugly Ducking, a very small Danish restaurant in Calle La Ballena, Corralejo.

In a former existence it was called Los Pepes.

The decor today is unpretentious: White ceiling and walls; vintage Danish posters; six black tables.

Cognizant that this bijou restaurant is well sought-after for a table, I emailed them a few weeks ago and reserved my place on three occasions.

I was cordially welcomed by Henrik and shown to my table.

He brought me a complimentary glass of Cava.

Having perused the menu, I opted for the Green Salad, followed by the Dish of the Day (viz. creamy pork casserole).

The salad was delicious: tossed in a mustard dressing, with pickled gherkins in a ramekin at the side.

Fresh bread came with oil and olives.

The casserole was hearty, comprising lean pork, small potatoes, vegetables and a creamy sauce.

I also had a glass of the house wine which, at €2.50, was palatable and easy-drinking.

Henrik brought me a complimentary glass of his home-made licorice vodka liqueur, rich and flavourful.

The bill amounted to just over €20.

I've reserved a table here on two more occasions, so I bade them Farewell.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Piazza Grande

This evening I've enjoyed a simple Italian dish of macaroni in a bacon and tomato sauce. Given that I have a taste for the garlic, I requested extra, though they never realise the extent to which young Belmont craves the stuff. 

I could easily consume a few cloves of an evening.

Nevertheless, the macaroni duly arrived. I was seated outdoors, so I suppose one might describe the experience as being al fresco.

This tasty dish was served with the customary basket of toasted, sliced bread rolls or whatever.

Some sort of fancy oil came in a bottle, too; and Parmesan cheese.

By Jove, it was jolly good; especially for six or seven euros.

The native tongue at this establishment is Italian.

I'm seated beside two pretty girls and doubtless the interest is not mutual, as far as they are concerned at least.

Notwithstanding that regrettable fact, I shall enjoy my Tanqueray and linger awhile.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


I'd already consumed a few refreshers, viz. the Tanquerays, during the afternoon, so opted for the rather more salubrious agua con gas this evening at Avenida.

Avenida is a very popular local restaurant in Corralejo; though it was quiet when I darkened their door earlier this evening.

I took a table at the window and asked for the said water.

Sea-bass was one of the Specials; however, I ordered their grilled chicken, half portion.

Half portions at this establishment are normal portions at home; whereas full portions are meant for stokers, rednecks and Billy Bunter.

They brought the yummy fresh bread with alioli. Beware. Their alioli is strong. Only consume it if you like garlic. I love it.

The chicken was fine, served with lettuce, a slice of tomato, and some chips.

My meal came to a not unreasonable €6.40, so I left them a generous tip.

AT THE moment I am installed comfortably in the Bar Bouganville.

Corralejo : I

Weather still good in Northern Ireland? I'm presently installed at Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, to be precise.

The journey here was uneventful, I'm glad to report.

I was gratified to see Ulster's celebrated Dromona butter on the shelves of the local SPAR supermarket; which I accordingly bought.

Well, readers, I can recount that I've enjoyed my fair share of Tanqueray gin already. Alas, we have no Shortcross Gin here, yet.

Today it is fine and sunny: I could get used to this. 

I wonder if I could remove to sunnier climes permanently?

I have a table reserved at The Ugly Duckling thrice, the first date being the 24th April.

Tonight I might well darken the doors of Avenida.

By the way, the special Tanqueray and Feverfew pack cost me the princely sum of €13.95. Not bad, what?